Siser PSV Removable Mint-PSV-Elliott Creations

Siser PSV Removable Mint

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Create worry-free décor that can be changed repeatedly using EasyPSV® Removable by Siser®. This temporary pressure sensitive vinyl takes the guesswork out of decorating. You don’t have to wonder if the adhesive vinyl will leave a gluey mess behind, or even worse, take some of the wall with it! EasyPSV Removable comes off cleanly and quickly without any special tools or solvents for care free customizing!

While EasyPSV Removable lasts 2-3 years, you can choose to change it up at any time, and with a stylish matte finish who wouldn’t?  The best part is, you can layer EasyPSV Permanent on top of EasyPSV Removable for temporary decals that have virtually endless color and finish combinations!

When possible, order will be cut into 1 length instead of left as individual sheets unless noted at checkout.

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